Our learning curve is improving here at Lift Fitness and Wellness as we have to not only push our bodies to the limit, but push our minds to think rightly about not only what and why we do things to our bodies, but also what, why, and when we put things into our bodies.
Lexington, Kentucky, is rich with engineers. The thing I’ve always loved about training them is the type of questions they ask. Much like everyone else, humanity at times wonder how much of something one can get away with as it relates to choices.
One of my most memorable questions by an engineer forced me to extract the particulars of the 80/20 rule as it relates to nutrition. While stretching one day and talking about something that she ate that wasn’t the best, I reminded her that her compliance to a great diet should be followed 80% of the time and 20% of her time during the week she should know that it’s okay to enjoy herself to which she replied, “Well, how many meals is that?” I stopped for a second and said, “I’ll figure that out and text you.”

During the course of a week person should eat:

35 meals

2 snacks a day to help regulate blood sugar and metabolism
3 traditional meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner

28 meals

Should mimic things we’ve practiced the past few months (limiting alcohol, fried food, and products with sugar)

7 meals

Things that you crave but you know aren’t good for you (diet soft drinks that you drink 4 times a day, snacks high in fat/salt, eating out where you can’t measure the contents of your meals or portions)

That’s all we want from everyone as it relates to nutrition: THINK about what you are doing with your food choices.
Traveling the road of wellness means that we must commit to a lifestyle of great choices, but we have to be human enough to admit to our frailty to perfection and implement changes that your coach (whether nutritionist or certified specialist) suggest. Ultimately, you are in responsible for your behavior. Think well! Peace.

July 12th, 2013

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