A buddy asked me what was my new years resolution this year and when I told him I didn’t have one his response was that I must already be perfect. I just smiled.

I mean of course I am! Aren’t you? You and I are as perfect in this moment as we are going to be and when we accept that I believe we can live free lives as we journey towards wellness.

Notice that? Even though I said I am as perfect today as I am going to be I still believe I’m walking towards wellness. A great church planter in the bible says that transformation comes from the constant process of renewing our mind. I subscribe to this thought and believe even though I’m not perfect I can journey towards it and so I choose to not make resolutions but instead commit myself to the process of journeying.

The goal through this year’s blog is to be as authentic as possible. I quit using the word “trainer” and started using the word “coach” to take pressure off of the minds of people that I work with that I am responsible for behaviors that could change their lives. Wellness is very much an intimate field where we are engaged in a conversation with each other client to coach. I get the opportunity to learn about the needs of individuals I coach and present them with alternatives; other clinicians/coaches; or facts that get them from point A to point B.

The goal of challenge for the next 3 months is to position you to “create a win”. One way we will do that is ask you to submit to one thing: journaling! We believe that as you become aware of what you are consuming it will churn questions in your mind and those questions will help set the pace for your understanding on what decisions you need to make to create the best outcome for YOU.

February 13th, 2017

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