I still hate my 4am alarm and I am so sick of my own whining that begins at 5:03am and continues throughout my workouts!  I try to stop, but I always begin again-whining, renegotiating and trying to wiggle my way out of the workout.  Larry, unmoved or swayed by my tactics, continues to prescribe reps and workout activities.  Larry says, “Don’t worry. Everybody has their own ‘crazy’.”

In attempt to  distract myself from my workout, I started taking inventory, asking myself “What is all my ‘crazy’?”.  I made a list:

  • Whining in every workout
  • The perverse way I fantasize about potato chips and onion dip several times a day
  • My very obvious anxiety and anger toward the versa climber and Larry when he says “versa climber”
  • My attempts to workout without enough sleep
  • My food cravings… and the list went on.

A few days later, I realized that it doesn’t matter what my “crazy” is.  It is important that I acknowledge my crazy, prepare for it to show up as an obstacle along my journey toward my health goals.

I did not buy any potato chips or onion dip during last week’s grocery run.  I brought many granny smith apples in an attempt to avoid my crazy.  It worked out fairly well. I thought about potato chips on most days, but I only ate them on one. I ate an apple nearly everyday and my cravings subsided sometimes.

“Confront your crazy!” is becoming a mantra for me.  I identify it, prepare for it and strategize to avoid the obstacles  in my journey toward healthy living.

January 19th, 2015

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