We’ve all heard the old adage, “plan your work, and work your plan” right? Not having a game plan for any organization, group, or individual can be detrimental. Circumspective walking for that reason in my minds eye helps bring this concept to life. Picture yourself walking across a mine field without any military training. The outcome wouldn’t be so great. Much like walking across that field without any training, one should look at not having a plan as bringing on unnecessary pain.

I learn the most about pursing wholeness in regards to taking care of my own body through a very diverse clientele while working over the past 10 years. Our conversations help create awareness hence growth as we discover simple solutions to managing our bodies while asking others to come along side with support and encouragement.

While talking to a client at the end of a session recently, I learned that she did not fulfill her commitment to working out during her vacation. Her mother accompanied her on a trip out of town. She packed her work out clothing, shoes, and even researched the equipment she would have to use at the resort. Sounds like a great plan, right? The one thing she failed to do was ask her mother if she would commit to time watching her boys while she worked out a few days. We both discovered in conversation that she made an assumption that proved to be detrimental for the week.

The 4 things to remember about our expectations of others or ourselves that we have to keep in mind are that they can be:

1. Unconscious

Sometimes things just make since to us right? Whereas our own logic may have been well thought through we have to make sure that others actually know what we expect and plan. Otherwise, we end up disappointed; most often need not being met.

​2. Unrealistic

The thing about thinking about your expectations is one first has the opportunity to make sure what you might ask others not only is logical to you, but something your partner can agree is attainable.

3. Unspoken

Ever heard the adage “closed mouths don’t get fed”? After thinking through a plan to live well and assessing whether or not it’s attainable voice it to others who can hold you accountable and assist you with your goals!

4. Un-agreed upon  

The beauty with voicing your expectations is a person can either agree or disagree to assist you. Either way at least you know where you stand and can find those who value wellness along with you.

While planning your work one should make sure team mates are on board with them. Having support by the people around you can make or break your success while pressing towards wellness.

February 15th, 2012

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