I stayed up working until 2:30 in the morning.  There was no way that I was going to be up by 4:00 and to the gym by 5:00am.  It wouldn’t be safe.  I might mistake a dumb bell for a pillow and a mat for a nap space. We agreed that I would meet for a 7:00 am workout.  I was late, but equipped.  I had a banana-mango protein drink, half on my way in; half on my way home.

Despite the fact that I was late, my workout was waiting for me.  There were many interesting workouts designed for my day.  I tried to negotiate them all; I wanted them reduced to walking the training floor and saying good morning.  I was unsuccessful.  Thanks, Larry?

I confessed that I hate working out.  This is a daily confession.  Despite these confessions,  I found myself following instructions and working my prescribed exercises. Is this my first win?   As usual I played some good dance music to get me through my assigned versa climber time.

My second win was my morning cravings were dramatically decreased.  The eight ounces of homemade protein shake after my workout actually satisfied me better than a breakfast of two toaster waffles, bacon and eggs.  The shake gave my body the essentials immediately.  I also used the My Fitness Pal calculator to monitor my protein. I attempted to keep my protein intake high today, and discovered that I was less hungry than usual.  I also met my calorie goals.  (I am rarely able to do that).  Giving my body healthy portions of protein keeps me closer to my goals.

January 19th, 2015

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