So A LOT more names were crossed off our board this month (mine included) as we gave another attempt at modifying behaviors by rejecting soft drinks (soda) and fried food for the month of March.  What knocked a lot of people off were small mistakes in momentary lapse of memory. One major theme in forgetting commitments happened to individuals who were rushing and were also with others who didn’t know about commitments made by clients.

One noble participant said that she was at the mall in a hurry and ate one of her son’s nuggets from chic fil a, another his son’s French fries, and one on a date with an ‘unplanned’ appetizer. Nonetheless, after not making the cut some still decided to continue to participate in the challenge and noticed a few things.

Modifying your behavior helps you:

1.     Become more aware of calories and where they are coming from
2.     Become aware of how to incorporate others in your circle of what and why you’re doing what you’re doing
3.     Become more aware of healthy alternatives to replace and old bad habit
4.     Lastly, becoming more aware of the power to practice self-control to better our health

As a trainer/coach, a huge win was hearing that the cupboards of a clients home now have baked chips for her children instead of regular. Ultimately we become increasingly aware of alternatives around us. We in turn help others “reverse taste buds” from a mundane mindset to culture creating in our homes and for those around us.

April 1st, 2013

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