My alarm clock is an asshole, but efficient.  I hate him a little less at 4am than I used to.  The anxiety about the workouts is dwindling, I am able to climb out of bed after one sweet snooze and proceed to the shower where I begin to envision myself at the gym.

I had 3 ½ hours of sleep and was about four minutes late for the workout, therefore skipped my half banana and orange juice to save time. I began my warm-up and I was unusually and exceptionally slow.  I dragged most of the workout and whined more than usual.  My very competent community –Suzy, Nicole, Wendy and Jessica were busy achieving their goals.  Larry continued to work around me.  He encouraged me to finish my reps and the prescribed exercises.  When I continued to be winded, he asked me about ‘my fuel’, in other words “What did I have for breakfast?”  I quickly confessed “nothing” and recognized why my performance was so low.

We discussed pre-workout breakfast options.  I expressed my concerns about healthy and high calorie smoothie options.  Larry assured me that counting calories about the workout smoothie was not a big concern, saying, “You are going to be burning the calories as you are working out and strengthening your body.”  I like two for one deals. I am going to have a healthy healing smoothies before (and after for recovery purposes) each workout. Larry offered me a protein shake. It was gluten free and my body was grateful for the energy.  I finished my reps, did a few extra minutes on the row machine and prepared to leave. As I walked out of the door, Larry  reminded me how important communication about your body’s needs and limitations during each session was a healthy way to begin a workout and was important for success.

I am so grateful for the support the synergy community offers, but I am also starting to realize how significant holistic preparation for a workout is.

PS. My legs feel awful, like loose dry rubber bands.

January 19th, 2015

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