I’ve spent my career (granted only 10 years) working around two things: 1. highly competitive athletes/people and 2. Injuries.   Picture a 5 foot 7 (if that) guy in the face of a 6’8” defensive lineman telling them they can’t do the very thing they were created to do: compete. It’s a tough conversation, the subject of pain but a necessary one. We experience it, especially if the goal is to push towards growth. And yes, we heard the adage, “no pain, no gain” it has its place, right?  We all would be hard pressed to say when we are really “getting it in” at a class like LIFT or PUNCH or maybe the first time you put a foam roller on a trigger point that causes pain that you are enjoying yourself!  The irony of pain however friends is it does a few things for us as it is a friend to humanity as well as the human body. Three things I want you to remember as you continue to sign up for our classes or you join in with the most competitive wellness seekers and most competitive wellness company in Lexington (just saying)

Pain has a category
The feeling of physical pain can vary greatly — mild, sharp, severe, and dull. Learn the symptoms for different types of pain, so you can describe them to a health care or in this case allied health professional.
Pain has a cause
Often time’s people treat the symptoms of pain but not the cause of pain. Finding out the specific source of pain can help you down the road be more competitive and get more out of your workouts, your sport, and your life.
Pain has a cure

I love formulas here’s one I need you to take down:

Stagnation can be the cause of all type of disease so keep moving! Instead of popping pills pop into LIFT and take some classes guaranteed to Imagine moving and feeling better the more you come and enjoy wellness with others! Peace

May 7th, 2013

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