My alarm began to banshee scream about 4:30am. I woke, showered and did a few yoga stretches. Then I grabbed a banana and some orange juice on my way out the door. I arrived at No Limits gym at 5:47 am for a 6:00am meeting with Larry Jackson. I sat in the welcome area watching a few people engage in their 5am workout routines. I seriously considered running out the door, rather than begin an exercise regimen. I hate to workout.

Larry Jackson greeted me and shortly after we discussed my goals. Although Larry Jackson has an evaluative process geared toward each person’s health goals, I was less concerned about my health than he was. My goals were simple and unapologetically vain. I told Larry that I wanted “a smaller waist and to leave all else alone” aka the fictive and illusive hourglass figure. I also wanted to be able to “use a public bathroom restroom at 82 and not sit in anyone else’s pee.” I want to be able to use my knees and hips still.

Larry has training plans. He continues to remind me.

  • potential injury evaluation
  • regular wellness checks
  • considerations of medications
  • friendly client competitions
  • scientific body weight measurement and management

Larry has health goals. He is in to:

  • self-awareness
  • education
  • accountability
  • community

Larry asks about my goals. I respond:

  • vanity

Larry insisted on a few more detailed evaluations. I agreed to show up for training the next day at 7:00am.

December 23rd, 2014

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