Timing is everything.  Waking from my sleep, I check my alarm clock nearly every hour over four hours of sleep.  I was anxious and already dreading my 4:00am wake up that would allow me to make it to training for my 5:00 am session. I hit snooze twice and then started convincing myself that the neighbor’s wind chimes were clearly indicating to me that a tornado was headed in my direction.  I stared at the treetops from my comfortable warm bed.  They were not moving. I was lying to myself again.

I do that when I don’t want to work out. I make up a bunch of excuses in order to convince myself that I am justified in not going to train.  This recent ‘tornado’ scenario was one of my best.   I must tell my niece about that one, maybe she can use it to get out of homework.

I arrived to the gym a few minutes before 5:00.  A community of the committed were filing in. The 4:00 am class was marching out. I envied them.  After quaint hellos, I began to implement the stretching regimen Larry introduced me to the first day and quickly moved into my first routine. I was still weaker than I wanted to be, but more dedicated to completing the prescribed workout than I was the week before.  I even got on the versa climber without complaining – the first time. And even though, I stopped several times to catch my breath and stretch somewhat sore muscles, I continued.  Today’s workout taught me that timing is everything.

Workouts that take place later in the day are less effective for me.   Because I begin my errands prior to the workout, I am distracted, frustrated and often late when I arrive to the training facility. Because I am distracted by the tasks on my to do list and frustrated by my lateness, I complain more and work less – expending a good portion of my energy whining, wasting my valuable time and Larry’s encouraging voice. Rather than evaluating my workout, he is forced to use his energy to motivate me. 5:00am rocks!

December 23rd, 2014

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