Training Day

The banshee scream of my alarm-5:30 am!  I am strong; I hit snooze. I can beat my alarm. I am smarter and stronger and enjoying my bed. Ten minutes later, the alarm didn’t let up. The screaming began again. I was determined to beat this menacing machine. I turned it completely off with some intention to get up and get ready for my training.

I woke up forty minutes later.  Directly to the gym!  I was about 3 minutes late and barely showered for my first training session.   I am so glad I showered.  The session began with a brief warm up and body tube message session. Then the strengthening, physical improvement, healthy initiatives began.

I whined, I sweat, I hurt, I complained, I gasped for air and regretted abandoning a regular health regimen.   I realized that I had lost the privilege of using many of my body as I wanted or in any helpful way.  I needed to be there-in training-and so I guess my real training begins tomorrow.  I spent today trying to commit.

December 23rd, 2015

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