It was February 2013 and I had been experiencing pain in some form at every point of my daily life.  My lower back and knees ached during movement as well as at rest.  Sleep was never restful, just pockets of exhaustion.  I knew that I need to lose weight for my health for years but it was only when I was left with no alternative but to change that I got serious.  Yeah, I had one of those “little talk with Jesus” moments.

My friend Melynda introduced me to Larry a few years back with a gift of several training sessions.  She was the one that encouraged me to come to what she called “hip hop yoga” class.  I always enjoyed yoga in the past, so I agreed to go.  We went to the class and while I am certain that I left a pint of sweat there, it was something I thought I could continue.  The class she was referring to was actually called Regen, which is a self-massage class that incorporates yoga and mobility exercises.

April 19, 2013 was my functional movement screen and first training session.  It took me HOURS to stop sweating when I returned home.  I knew the first day that I would be able to set a serious goal.  I wanted to be realistic so I gave myself two years to meet my goal…160 lbs.!  I trained every Friday morning and went to Regen on Saturday mornings for about 6 months.  I was seeing the results of the hard work but I knew that I needed to pick things up so I tried Punch.  The first class nearly killed me because I was not use to all of that jumping around.  I remember laying on the floor and when I got up I could see a good portion of my body outlined in sweat.  Real cute.

The journaling was a real challenge for me!  I wasn’t terribly interested in having to record my meals, snacks, water and supplements but ultimately I found it to be beneficial.  I made better choices while journaling knowing someone would be reading my food diary.  Journaling also forced me to see how many calories and fat were in some of my favorite foods.

Currently, I train twice a week, take Punch class and still go to Regen on Saturday mornings. I also enjoy hot yoga and get a deep tissue massage at Malama Massage Center once a month. I am at my half way point of 80lbs and 10 sizes down!  I am so grateful to my friend, Melynda for sharing Larry, for the entire Synergy Coach team for continued support and encouragement and of course, the quiet genius himself, Larry Jackson, for ignoring with my efforts to negotiate weights or repetitions as well as being patient with me when I lose sight of my goals.  While I still have more to lose, I am excited to see all of the changes that winning brings.  I am moving better, feeling awesome and looking pretty good too!

May 9th, 2014

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